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Gantry cranes also known as portal cranes, can be used in a wide range of industrial applications for indoor and outdoor operations. Each crane is customised but based on an adaptable concept encompassing many years of experience in the most arduous applications. The cranes can be designed as single- or double-girder variants for optimal load handling and with or without.


Our standard range of cranes already features low weight, efficient design with advantageous dimensions to cover a multitude of solutions. For low ceiling heights, our designs can be adapted to deliver the optimal hook coverage with the highest possible lifting height. Depending on the safe working load and duty of the crane.


For many workstations, material transport is often time consuming and difficult. Jib cranes offer an ideal solution. These cranes have been installed in thousands of locations where they greatly improve localized productivity. Installed direct at the work-place, all types of work pieces can be lifted and transported quickly and easily and deposited gently and precisely. Jib cranes can be used as magnet cranes, power plant maintenance cranes, vessel loading cranes and special configured cranes for LNG storage tank pump maintenance.


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The base unit of all models. Can be lug-mounted or foot-mounted. Ideas as a replacement unit for existing installations. Widely used as fitting machine for goodshoist. Fixed Model (Lug/Foot-Mounted)


It’s compact size provides very low headroom and short hook approach. Widely used on Single Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes and Monorails. Trolley mechanism can be easily adjust-ed to suit various flange widths. Articu-lated trolleys can be supplied for the pur-pose of travelling on curved beams. Standard capacities up to 16 MetriTonne. Higher capacities can be engineered.


Designed and built for heavier capacities, up to 40 Metric Tonne. Widely used on Double Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes. Optimum utilization of the available space thanks to the extremely low-built design.Track gauge of the crab/trolley can be engineered to suit existing installations.


Monorail Hoist are designed for efficient material handling with high safety. Electric Monorails Hoist is widely used on single girder Overhead crane, Jib crane, single girder gantry crane, and curve track. It is applied to lift materials in factory, warehouse, mines, cargo storages and shops.

Mini Hoist (Self weight from 7 Kg)

Electric Chain Hoist C/W Motorized Trolley)

Suspended Type Chain Hoist

Geared Trolley Chain Hoist

Plain Trolley Chain Hoist

Air Hoist

Wire Rope

Hydraulic hose

Chain Sling

Load Indicator